2702, 2015

Copyright or Die: Why Registering with the WGA Isn’t Enough

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      What’s in a copyright? A lot. Isn’t registering your work somewhere else – such as with the WGA West-- just as good? No. No no no no no. Writers, authors, screenwriters, dreamers and others often want to know [...]

1202, 2015

Los Angeles Review of Books: Jan Breslauer on Artists Under Hitler

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      LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS Jan Breslauer on Artists Under Hitler: Collaboration and Survival in Nazi Germany Strange Bedfellows: The Modernists and the Nazis author: Jonathan Petropoulos publisher: Yale University Press pub date: 11.25.2014 pp: 424 [...]

1201, 2015

New Laws Go Into Effect for Entertainment Industry

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  THE MOST IMPORTANT NEW FILM/TV LAW California is adding more than 900 new laws in 2015, and while only a small portion of those directly effect the entertainment industry, there are at least a couple that merit particular attention. [...]

2312, 2014

What You Need to Know About Entertainment Contracts: Part III, Most Favored Nations

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  Film, television, performing arts, theater, gaming, webisode and other contracts that involve live or filmed performance differ in many ways.  However, one term that can crop up in any of these contracts is “Most Favored Nations,” or MFN. An [...]

1912, 2014

ART LAW: The State of California’s Resale Royalty Act

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    QUESTION: What makes California visual artists different than all other American visual artists? ANSWER: Since 1976, when the California legislature passed the Resale Royalty Act, American artists who reside in California, or whose work is being sold by California [...]

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