Estate Planning for the Rest of Us

Estate planning is the one thing you can do to secure the future for your loved ones. The alternative, probate, is an expensive, uncertain, unpleasant and time-consuming process, whether your estate is worth five hundred thousand or five hundred million. Because of this, Jan Breslauer, Esq. is proud to offer “Estate Planning for the Rest of Us.”

Without an estate plan, probate forces your family to hire a probate lawyer at outrageous non-negotiable costs fixed by law. Worse, probate sends your loved ones, who are already dealing with losing you, to courthouses to suffer the indignities of our judicial system. A judge shouldn’t decide what’s best for your family, you should.

The good news: probate is easy to avoid, and the uncertainty does not happen unless you allow it. “Estate Planning for the Rest of Us” is a solution to avoiding probate. We offer personalized service and estate plans custom tailored to your wishes. And our process doesn’t even require an office visit.

You’ve always done what’s best for your family. Let us help you do what’s best for them even after you’re gone.