Entertainment Law

JAN D. BRESLAUER, ESQ. has been working in the entertainment industry for more than twenty-five years and is uniquely qualified to offer a wide range of legal counsel in the area of entertainment and the arts.

Breslauer Law specializes in transactional legal work for the entertainment industry. We handle all aspects of film, TV, streaming and all new media deals, including negotiations, contracts, and general counsel for those in the entertainment industry. This includes every legal agreement that you may need, from the inception of the idea, to the screen, and beyond. We negotiate and draft development deals, collaboration agreements, writer/producer agreements, option-purchase agreements, sales, licensing, and more. Breslauer Law also advises on strategies for the business and legal aspects of the entertainment industry, including LLC and corporate formation.

With decades of first-hand experience in the performing arts, Ms. Breslauer also represents individual artists and arts organizations in all aspects of negotiation, deal-making, contracts and agreements. She serves as general counsel to those who seek ongoing legal guidance for their ventures, careers, production companies or other endeavors. Breslauer Law also has extensive experience with forming and advising non-profit entities.

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